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Annual and Interim Reports 2016

  • Interim report quarter 1/2016

    published on 4.5.2016

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  • Investor presentation

    Quarter 1/2016

Annual and Interim Reports 2015

Annual and Interim Reports 2014

Annual and Interim Reports 2013

Annual and Interim Reports 2012

  • Annual Report 2012

    published on 06.03.2013

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  • Investor presentation

    quarter 1/2012

  • Interim Report quarter 1/2012

    published on 03/05/2012

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  • Interim report quarters 1-2/2012

    published on 25/07/2012

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  • Interim report quarters 1-3/2012

    published on 24/10/2012

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  • Corporate Governance Report 2012

  • Annual financial report 2012

Annual and Interim Reports 2011

ef|fi|ci|entia <lat.>: Effectiveness based upon achieving the best possible results while utilising a minimum of resources.


Annual and Interim Reports 2010

Great demands call for clear strategies. Our strategy in a nutshell: growth through change, change through energy. Hydropower, our greatest asset, is becoming increasing important as a result.

Annual Report 2010

Annual and Interim Reports 2009

Now - Electricity is momentary energy. It is generated and consumed – at a moment’s notice. What matters is how we use energy sources. Which is what we are now working on to secure the future.


Annual and Interim Reports 2008

The leitmotif behind this Annual Report is derived from the ancient Greek saying Panta rhei (everything flows). According to the flow theory, being is not static, but a dynamic process of constant change.


Annual and Interim Reports 2007

Energy - The Human Element. The power of ideas is the energy of the future in competition for the markets of tomorrow.