Together to the energy transition

Electricity generation from water, wind and sun is key to a sustainable energy future. Thanks to new reservoirs and a strong grid, we are making the energy transition possible at VERBUND.

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For a secure power supply: Limberg 3

Flexible pumped storage facilities are an important element of the energy future. The best example of this is our new mega-project Limberg 3 in Salzburg. In the future, it will be possible to store electricity or make it available around the clock at the press of a button.

The power plant is thus vital for safeguarding the power supply and stabilising the grid.

Limberg 3

Our VERBUND strategy

The VERBUND strategy is based on five key pillars: We increase the efficiency of our electricity generation from hydropower. We expand electricity generation from renewable sources of energy such as a wind power and photovoltaics. We secure the operation of the Austrian high-voltage grid. We support the security of supply with the use of our flexible power plants. We expand in the area of sales with customer-focused and innovative products and solutions.

Hydropower plants1

Generation: 31,525 GWh of electricity

Wind power plants

Generation: 924 GWh of electricity

Photovoltaic parks2

Generation: 1 million kWh of electricity

Thermal power plant

Generation: 1,033 GWh of electricity

1 including options; excluding non-fully consolidated plants (Ashta 1 and 2 as well as Nussdorf), 2 without leasing/contracting plants. All values actual generation in 2020

Our VERBUND topics

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Powering towards the energy transition

We operate hydropower plants, wind parks and photovoltaic systems and are thus well equipped for the energy future.

About our power plants

Valuable stimuli for regions

VERBUND is currently investing more than half a billion euros in the construction of new hydropower plants and the improvement of existing ones. That is delivering valuable stimuli for regions. With power plant operation and maintenance, we create contracts for regional small and medium-sized enterprises every year. In this way, we not only secure existing jobs, but also create many new ones.

Together, we are responsible for our environment. Our employees supply our homeland with electricity generated almost entirely from hydropower, thereby making a big personal contribution to climate protection. Their competence forms the strong basis for implementing our mission for the energy transition.

With our diverse and demanding professional disciplines, we offer unique jobs in different regions. The variety of our jobs extends across all levels and specialisms – from machinery specialists, to IT specialists and commercial experts.
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Order your photovoltaic system easily online

Rent your photovoltaic system from VERBUND with our carefree package and generate your own electricity.

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