Bundled power for a stable supply

We have stood for safe electricity generation from water, wind and solar energy for 75 years.

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Hydropower – clean and reliable.

Our backbone for security of supply and grid stability.

Wind power – enormous potential meets great efficiency.

VERBUND increasingly relies on carbon-neutral wind energy.

Solar power – zero emissions and inexhaustible.

With the expansion of photovoltaics, VERBUND is advancing the energy transition.

Your complete photovoltaic package

Effortlessly generate your own solar power on the roof Simply check whether it’s suitable and place an order directly online if interested.

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Green hydrogen: the solution for a sustainable energy system.

We are decarbonisation partners and setting course for a green future.

Get started with electromobility today.

With VERBUND-eCharging, you get a practical charging solution for home and on the go.

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#proceeding together and shaping the future of the energy transition.