VERBUND - The company

VERBUND is Austria’s leading electricity company and of the largest producers of hydropower electricity in Europe.

About us

We are an industry bellwether and helping to shape the future of energy for coming generations. We do this by breaking new ground, grabbing market opportunities and developing pioneering business models and services for our customers.
VERBUND-Unternehmenszentrale in Wien

Our Executive Board

VERBUND has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1988, with 51% of the share capital held by the Republic of Austria. VERBUND trades in electricity in 12 countries and achieved an annual result of approximately 2,266 million euros in 2023 with around 4,000 employees. With its subsidiaries and partners, VERBUND is active in the segments of electricity generation, transport and international trade and distribution.


Through our Mission V we aim not only to fulfill our economic, but also our social responsibility as Austria’s leading energy company.
Luftaufnahm des Donaukraftwerks Freudenau

Electricity generation

As the largest power company in Austria and a leading operator of hydropower plants in Bavaria, we are well aware of our responsibility. We supply millions of people safely with the energy essential for life. We manage our plants efficiently and protect the environment and climate in the production of electricity.