Board of Directors

The holding company board is at the same time the executive board of the entire company and makes strategic decisions for it. In addition, the board performs overlying functions such as communications and legal, financial and risk management.

Michael Strugl

Chairman of the Board of VERBUND AG

VERBUND CEO Peter Kollmann Peter F. Kollmann

CFO, Deputy Chairman of the Board of VERBUND AG

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Achim Kaspar

Member of the Board of VERBUND AG

Susanna Zapreva

Member of the Executive Board of VERBUND AG, Chief Renewables Officer (CRO)

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Curricula vitae

Chairman of the Board of VERBUND AG 
born in Steyr, Austria, in 1963

Educational Training

1982-1991 Diploma course in Law, Johannes Kepler University, Linz
1998-1999 LIMAK General Management Program, Linz, Emory University/Atlanta 
2000-2001 Degree in "International Finance", University of Toronto 
2005-2013 Doctorate in Social and Business Sciences, Johannes Kepler University Linz
2018 Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Stanford Executive Program

Professional Development

1998 Creative Director at the advertising agency Zoffel-Hoff & Partner, Wiesbaden 
1997-2001 Member of the Bundesrat (Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee)
2003-2009 ÖVP Club Chairman, Provincial Parliament
2001-2013 Member of parliament in the Provincial Parliament of Upper Austria
2001-2013 Provincial Party Leader of the ÖVP, Provincial Party Leadership for Upper Austria  
2013-2018 Member of the Upper Austrian Provincial Government, Spokesman for Economics, Labor, Research, Science, Energy, Tourism, Regional Planning, Provincial Holding, Europe and Sport

From 4/2017 Vice-Provincial Governor

From 1/2019 Vice-Chairman of the Board of VERBUND AG

From 1/2021 Chairman of the Board of VERBUND AG

CFO | Member of the Board of VERBUND AG 
born in Wels, Austria, in 1962 

Educational Training

1981-1986 Vienna University of Economics and Business, Technical University Vienna, Leoben University of Mining, Master of Social and Economic Sciences 

1986-1987 London School of Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Doctor of Social and Economic Sciences

1987 London School of Economics "Research Fellow" with Professor Charles Goodhart

Professional Development

1987-1990 Salomon Brothers International Ltd., London Salomon Brothers Inc., New York Vice President – Investment Banking 

1990-1992 Dumas West & Co., London Managing Director and Co-founder

1992-1995 Lehman Brothers International, London Executive Director 

1995-end of 2013 Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Frankfurt Merrill Lynch, Frankfurt and London Vice-Chairman Investment Banking Europe
Member of the Board of VERBUND AG
born in Klagenfurt, Austria, in 1965

Educational Training

1989 Doctorate in Business Administration, Karl-Franzens University Graz

Professional Development

1991 Traineeship, Federation of Austrian Industries

1993 Expert adviser to the UCPTE President of Österreichischen Elektrizitätswirtschaft AG (VERBUND AG)

1994 Directorate-General for Energy (DGXVII), European Commission, Brussels

1995 VERBUNDplan GmbH, CK Department and VERBUND Controlling

1995 VERBUND Telekom GmbH

1996 Telering, Head of Marketing and Sales Department

1999 Managing Director of MCI WorldCom Telecommunication Services Austria GmbH

2002 Board of eTel Austria AG

2008-2018 Managing Director of Cisco Systems Austria / Slovenia / Croatia

From 2019 Member of the Board of VERBUND AG

Member of the Executive Board of VERBUND AG
born in 1973 in Vienna, Austria 


1992-1997 Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Vienna
1997-2000 Doctoral degree in Technical Sciences, Vienna University of Technology
2000-2012 Diploma in Business Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Professional career 

1997-2001 University assistant at the Technical University of Vienna
2001-2011 Wienstrom GmbH, managing director from 2009
2010-2016 Wien Energie GmbH, managing director
2016-2023 enercity AG, CEO
Member of the Executive Board of VERBUND AG from 2024