Energy services

The energy world is currently undergoing a phase of radical changes: Power generation is becoming more decentralised and takes place in smaller formats. New technologies are entering the market, as are numerous new companies which often come from outside the sector. Private customers generate their own electricity and feed it into the grid; major clients market the flexibility of their production processes.

This extremely rapidly changing market environment in the energy sector offers huge opportunities. With new market approaches, innovative offers and opportunities for cross-selling, VERBUND sees great potential for growth.

Solutions for the Energy Future

In the area of household customers, VERBUND is focussing on convenience services for the smart home, such as for example visualising energy production and usage, controlling lighting and heating, etc. For prosumers (producer-consumers) who want to generate electricity themselves, VERBUND offers decentralised plants for generating and storing electricity. VERBUND Eco-products combine photovoltaic plants with battery storage and a heat pump.

VERBUND offers industrial and commercial clients solutions ranging from classical energy consulting to demand-response-solutions, which bundle loads and production units in order to market them as control energy.


Electrical current is the "fuel" of the future. VERBUND holds a majority interest in SMATRICS, the Austrian infrastructure provider for electromobility. SMATRICS is establishing and operating an Austria-wide network of high-power charging stations for faster charging of electrified vehicles.