Daring standpoints and new perspectives

For the energy transition to succeed, each additional kilowatt hour of green electricity is decisive. VERBUND therefore relies not only hydropower, but also increasingly on the expansion of wind and photovoltaic facilities.

Our ambition at VERBUND is to secure a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply in the future. This might sound easy, but implementing it needs courageous standpoints and new perspectives, which our CEO Michael Strugl resolutely represents on behalf of all employees.
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Expansion of photovoltaic systems

The potential of domestic hydropower is not infinite, so VERBUND is mainly expanding wind power and photovoltaics. And doing so across Europe because climate change knows no borders. Because not only are we relying on our own development in Austria or Germany, but also investing in renewable energies in Spain, Italy, Romania and Albania.

The clean energy future needs courageous ideas and active action. Along the entire value chain, we are working on innovative projects: VERBUND is making the energy system fit for tomorrow.

Strong wind against the climate crisis

VERBUND not only wants to strengthen its own roots in hydropower by increasing the efficiency of the more than 120 hydropower plants. The generation of electricity from solar power should also be tripled and the wind capacity expanded ten-fold. Our ambitious target for 2030 includes the additional generation of 8 TWh. This could cover the consumption of around 2.3 million households. 

It won't be easy, but the energy transition needs courageous standpoints and new perspectives. Because fighting the climate crisis is our most urgent concern. The energy transition needs us all. That is our Mission V.

We are driving the energy transition forwards

We are working on advancing the energy transition in Austria and Europe.
We are increasing the efficiency of our more than 120 hydropower plants,
currently tripling the generation of electricity from solar power and increasing our wind power capacity ten-fold.

Hydropower plants


8.300 MW of electricity

Wind power plants

954 GWh of electricity

Photovoltaic parks

954 GWh of electricity

Thermal power plant

1.264 GWh of electricity

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What Mission V of VERBUND
means specifically ...

... is explained to you here!