VERBUND annual results 2023

A look back on 2023: the integrated annual report combines our annual financial and sustainability reporting. We focus on the main aspects of economic, environmental and social performance. Learn more about the VERBUND 2023 facts and figures!

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Press Conference: Annual results and annual report 2023

VERBUND generated a record result. In 2023, the Group earned more than 2.6 billion euros. This is the highest result in the company's history. This allows us to make the necessary investments in our future. In the video, CEO Michael Strugl and CFO Peter F. Kollmann report on current projects and give a first taste of planned further developments. 

Michael Strugl

"We are experiencing the biggest transformation in the energy market since the 1950s. As a leading energy company, VERBUND is investing around €5.5 billion over the next three years in the expansion of renewables, including grids and energy storage. We are offering our energy customers a relief package for their electricity and heating requirements and our payments - taxes, dividends and special dividends - will make a significant contribution to the public sector."

Michael Strugl, CEO VERBUND

On March 14th, 2023 we presented our 2023 annual report in Vienna. If you missed the livestream you can watch the recording of our press conference with CEO Michael Strugl and CFO Peter F. Kollmann.

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VERBUND CFO Peter F. Kollmann

"VERBUND is investing more than ever before in the expansion of new energy sources: 1.5 to €2 billion annually. VERBUND's updated investment plan for the period 2024 to 2026 provides for €5,535m in investments. Around €3,809 million of this is attributable to growth investments and around €1,726 million to maintenance investments. The majority of the investments will flow into the expansion and maintenance of the regulated Austrian power grid. VERBUND also invests primarily in projects in the area of new renewables and in hydropower plant projects. The investments mainly relate to VERBUND's home markets of Austria and Germany as well as the Spanish market."

Peter F. Kollmann, CFO VERBUND

VERBUND-Strategy 2030

For the energy transition to succeed Europe needs to rollout renewables fast. The demand for flexibility is increasing, energy storage and networks have to be expanded. In addition, decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation have to be advanced. If we are to overcome the challenges facing us, we too need to continue evolving. This is why we launched the Mission V.