Combining theory and practice: your perspective at VERBUND

Starting out as an apprentice in our firm affords you many perspectives. In our modern apprenticeships, you can put the theory you have learned straight into practice. And do so in an industry that belongs to the future.

With us you have a perfectly equipped training location with high safety standards for machines and processes. You are not alone, but rather work alongside other apprentices and experienced supervisors in close cooperation. It is important to us to give each one the chance to successfully conclude their training.

During leisure time as well, team spirit plays a large role with us, for example with shared athletic activities such as soccer, climbing, volleyball, etc.

After concluding the apprenticeship, we offer our graduates excellent development opportunities. With appropriate dedication and grades you can find a position in our company as a

  • Skilled worker
  • Foreman m/f
  • Team leader
  • Project leader
VERBUND apprentice at the workbench

Our excellent dual apprenticeship for two professions

You like to tinker with machines? Then the dual apprenticeship "Electrical Engineering and Metal Technology" is just the thing for you.

In Electrical Engineering (systems engineering and operating technology) you will start with simple circuits. The most important protective measures will be conveyed to you right at the start. Already in the third apprenticeship year you will learn programming and visualising of complex systems with the latest memory-programmable controls. Your responsibilities will include: Installation, inspection, controlling, maintenance and repairs at power plant facilities and energy supply and Distribution systems.

In Metal Technology (mechanical engineering) you will work with the latest machines and tools, and will programme controls for computerised (CNC) machines. You will will manufacture machine component replacements and use them to replace faulty parts and components. In this way you will get to know the various machines in greater detail.

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Surveying Technology

Apprenticeship in Surveying Technology

You're interested in an apprenticeship that could take you all over Austria? Even into the high mountains and to rivers, dams and reservoirs?

With an apprenticeship in Surveying Technology, you're up close and personal with our country's energy supply. In the areas surrounding our power plant facilities, you will carry out various kinds of complicated measurements. Movements of the structures and changes in the riverbeds are recorded, evaluated and graphically portrayed as part of surveying technology. To do this, we use surveying instruments such as a tachymeter, surveyor's level and echo sounder. Care, maintenance and calibration of the respective tools are also some of your responsibilities.

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VERBUND apprentices in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

One excellent apprenticeship, two future-proof professions

Whether Electronics or Electrical Engineering: seize your opportunity. VERBUND's unique dual apprenticeship fully trains you in two professions.

In Electronics we train you in the main module information and telecommunications technology.

Our Electrical Engineering training (systems and operation technology) is many-faceted. It includes installation, inspection, controlling, maintenance and repairs of power plant facilities and energy supply and distribution systems. You will begin with simple circuits. The most important protective measures will be conveyed to you right at the start. Already in the third apprenticeship year you will learn programming and visualising of complex systems with the latest memory-programmable controls.

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VERBUND apprentice in Lab Technology

Dual apprenticeship in Lab Technology (Chemistry) and Chemical Engineering

With this dual apprenticeship you will learn two professions at once within four years.

Your entrance into the working world will start like this: You work in a modernly equipped test laboratory which specialises in monitoring and maintaining high voltage technology facilities. Here you will learn chemical-physical analysis and will learn to interpret measurement results and to derive solutions from them.

In Lab Technology (Chemistry) we will train you to examine the chemical and physical properties of various materials with modern analytical instruments. We do this partly with classic laboratory processes and partly with computerised devices and automated analysis systems.

In Chemical Engineering you will learn to understand chemical processes in industrial plants, to monitor them and to take appropriate measures for safe operation. You will take samples for monitoring intermediate and final products and pass them on to company chemical laboratories for evaluation. You will carry out simple chemical or physicochemical analyses and calculations yourself.

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You want to learn two apprenticeship professions at one go?

At VERBUND, that's possible. Every year we train apprentices in a variety of professions. You will complete the practical training at one of our apprenticeship workshops, either in Ybbs-Persenbeug, in Kaprun or in Toeging am Inn, Germany.

You'll garner work experience for the apprenticeship at one of our power plants.
At the apprenticeship workshop, you will receive your additional module training. Your times at the apprenticeship workshop and at the power plant are kept in balance, so that you can learn both theory and practice.

Which vocational school you will attend depends on your training location.
In Austria you would attend the vocational school in Amstetten, Salzburg or Stockerau; in Germany the one in Altötting.

Have you got more questions about an apprenticeship at VERBUND?

You can find answers here: Frequently asked questions about apprenticeships 
We will be glad to answer your questions on +43 (0)50313-54155. You are also welcome to send your questions by e-mail.