How we work together: pleasantly, fairly and constructively

The future of energy doesn't get shaped by machines, but by people. By our outstandingly qualified personalities, who work together well and identify with our company aims. On our part, we support our employees the best we can with our values.

Our workplace culture

  • We are a company with integrity and act in a fair and responsible manner.
  • We appreciate a job well done and express our respect for one another.
  • We cultivate a culture of open and fair discussion. With constructive criticism in an appropriate form, within the company.
  • We work together in trust-based teams.

In the code of conduct, which is part of our corporate mission statement, we have defined the principles behind our actions. An essential part of these are our compliance principles, which you can read here.

  • A sense of responsibility: We practise sustainable management, communicate openly and profess our commitment to our social responsibility. We would like you to share this sense of responsibility with us.
  • Superb quality: Through the operation of our power plants, we ensure the quality of the power supply in all of Austria. From you, too, we expect a willingness to commit to superb quality.
  • Growth: We are the leading electricity provider in Austria and are growing in the European market. You, too, should be prepared to surpass yourself along with us.
  • Top Service: With our electricity trading and sales, we offer all our customers top service and strive to continue improving. This ambition to offer top achievements and to strive for further development should be characteristic of you as well.
  • Team orientation: We can only be this successful because at VERBUND we work together outstandingly and complement one another optimally. You should enjoy becoming part of this team.

At VERBUND, we work with all kinds of people - regardless of gender, age, disability, religion, culture, skin colour, education, social background, sexual orientation or nationality. For this reason, we take steps to prevent every form of discrimination, mobbing and sexual molestation.

Future Diversity: Holistic diversity management at VERBUND

Diversity management at VERBUND is everyday practice - we are certified for it by TÜV AUSTRIA. We value our employees and anchor corporate diversity values in our processes. The independent "TÜV AUSTRIA Diversity Management Certificate " confirms this for us.

The Diversity Charta: for an atmosphere of acceptance.

By signing and implementing the "Diversity Charta", we profess our commitment to respect for all those who are associated with us.

Promoting these diverse potentials gives our company a clear competitive advantage. So we purposefully create an atmosphere of acceptance and mutual trust. With positive effects on our image in Austria and in other countries in Europe.

By living out diversity and respect, we learn from one another – and continue to improve. We're convinced of it.

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