Our advice to applicants: prepare everything well, and stay authentic

Are you a school pupil and you have never applied for a job before? Or you are just entering the job market, and you would like to prepare your application as well as possible?

It's important to us to support interested candidates as well as we can from the very beginning. For this reason, we have summarised our idea of a really good application for you:

  • The most important point is that the application documents should be complete. These include a letter of application, a complete curriculum vitae, all diplomas and any existing interim reports.
  • Consider what makes you an interesting candidate for us. Describe the qualifications that distinguish you in particular in your letter of application. The better you address the requirements for the advertised position, the higher your chances of success.
  • Prepare yourself well for the interviews and auditions, and always stay authentic with us. After all, we want to get to know you as you really are. This naturally also means having a look at our website, so that you already know something about VERBUND.
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