Partner of many universities: close to tomorrow's specialists

Being close to talented technicians is very important to us, to supplement theory with practical experience and at the same time to improve practice with more theory.

This is why we are active in supporting higher education, and among others, we have been cooperating with the TU Vienna for many years. In this context we have been awarding the unique VERBUND Women's Stipend annually since 2009. We are also a partner company for the high potential programme "TUtheTOP".

We cultivate cooperation partnerships with the following as well:

  • TU Graz
  • WU Vienna
  • Uni Vienna

In this way, already today we are known to future applicants and decision makers and are on their short-list.

Our contributions from the university cooperations

2017 VERBUND Women's Stipend recipients

VERBUND-Women's Stipend

Since 2009 we have been specifically supporting talented women in technology with the VERBUND-Women's Stipend.
Infos on VERBUND Women's Stipend

At the forefront with VERBUND and the TU Vienna: encouraging talents with TUtheTOP

VERBUND is a long-standing partner of the TUtheTOP programme. In this way we are taking an active role in supporting technically interested students.

Over the course of the entire academic year, the students take part in diverse events with the selected companies. In this way they get to know potential future employers and can introduce their own ideas.

Ever since 2007, in cooperation with TUtheTOP we have been offering a diverse programme of excursions, workshops, tours and presentations relating to VERBUND.

Retrospect of TUtheTOP in the 2016/2017 academic year

In the 2016/17 academic year, VERBUND was a partner of the TUtheTOP programme for the ninth time. We worked together with a group of 18 students.

In addition, we were able to offer the students these experiences:

  • Start-Event in the mountain hotel Malta and exclusive guides through the "Kölnbreinsperre" and "Hauptstufe Malta
  • Visit to the data processing centre, the trading floor and the look-out
  • Trip to the Freudenau hydropower plant and the Bruck an der Leitha wind park
  • Meet-and-greet with executive board member Wolfgang Anzengruber, graduate engineer
  • Job application workshop and Interview training
  • Concluding event in the VERBUND-Water arena

Photo Gallery of all TUtheTOP Groups

Ideas Workshop and Simulation Game: Creative approaches to the future of energy

Ideas Workshop

The Ideas Workshop was initiated by VERBUND as an interactive event format. Here, solutions for energy policy issues are worked out. Selected university students spend time on these issues for the future, present their solutions and discuss them with top experts from the energy sector. In this way we can discover innovative ideas and also find out how tomorrow's specialists think and work.

In November 2014, VERBUND cooperated with the Bavarian Ministry of Economy, the TU Munich and Advantage Austria to organise an ideas workshop on the future of energy.This creative event stood under the motto "Ensuring supply reliability together". The focus was on the question of how Austria and Bavaria can together guarantee supply reliability in the new energy era. Results were worked out for this and for other topics. They were presented at the Energy Congress Bavaria-Austria on the 1st of December 2014 in Munich and are available as short films.

Simulation Game Stakeholder Dialogue

In the framework of the VERBUND stakeholder dialogue, the interactive event format "live simulation of a stakeholder conference (business game)" was developed. With this, VERBUND proposes to give a better overview of energy policy issues. Stakeholders and students get involved actively and take on various roles in the simulation game. 

In the course of our stakeholder dialogue, VERBUND cooperated with the TU Graz in 2013 for the debut of the simulation game "Styria in an Austrian and European context". Students took on the roles of the provincial government, electricity industry (VERBUND), industry, consumers and NGOs. In doing so, proposed solutions were worked out for energy policy issues: the increasing danger of blackouts, the rising import costs for fossil energy, the stagnating wholesale electricity prices, and higher taxes and duties on electricity for the end consumer.

Energylab in Altötting on the topic “Shaping the Energy Future Regionally”, hosted by VERBUND with cooperation partners from Bavaria and Austria