Supporting highly qualified women: with a financial energy boost

VERBUND specifically supports highly qualified women in cooperation with the TU Vienna. With the VERBUND Women's Stipend three outstanding female students at the TU Vienna will be supported for one year.

Dedicated students from technical fields of study may apply: information technology, business informatics, industrial engineering, technical mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or civil engineering.

It is important that the applicants have already garnered professional experience in the form of study-related internships. Excellent English skills are a must, and other foreign language skills would be a plus.

Get your own impression of the VERBUND Women's Stipend (German only):

Forty highly qualified students from the University of Technology applied for the VERBUND Scholarship for Women. The applicants first had to undergo a video interview. The best-qualified participants were invited to the hearing.

During this selection process, the three winners had to convince a top-class panel of HR experts and top executives from VERBUND as well as experts from the TU Career Centre, among other things in the form of presentations and team exercises.

HR experts from VERBUND and the TU Career Centre will develop a suitable support package in cooperation with the three stipend recipients. It will contain selected specialist conferences and seminars for personal development.

The stipend recipients will be supported over the course of one year.

All applications are handled by the TU Career Centre. 
You have the opportunity to apply for the unique VERBUND Scholarship for Women again in 2020.

VERBUND Scholarship for Women 2019 awarded!

As part of the mentor kick-off event on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the FRAUENstudium, the VERBUND Scholarship for Women was presented to three outstanding female students of TU Vienna in the ceremonial hall of TU Vienna on 3 June 2019.


Award of the VERBUND Scholarship 2019

Group photo of the winners of the VERBUND Scholarship for Women 2019
from left: Anna Steiger (Vice-Rector Personnel and Gender of TU Wien), Sonja Kracanovic (winner of the scholarship for engineering and infrastructure management), Michael Strugl (Deputy CEO), Tanja Zigart (winner of the scholarship for electrical engineering and mechanical engineering), Yi Wang (winner of the scholarship for computer science), Georg Westphal (Head of Strategic Personnel Management, (c) Luiza Puiu

Image gallery of the awarding of the VERBUND Scholarship for Women 2019

Portrait of VERBUND scholarship holders 2018

VERBUND-Woman stipend recipient Barbara Sarközi
Bachelor scholarship recipient Barbara Sarközi

Bachelor scholarship recipient Barbara Sarközi is studying software & information engineering. What about your field of study do you find inspirational? “What fascinates me the most is that all tasks can basically be solved through logical thinking. What I love above all about my specialty is programming because I actually get visible results for what I have been working on for hours,” says Sarközi, showing great enthusiasm for the technology. She would definitely advise women who are interested in technology to opt for a technical profession, even if they are hesitant. Women are definitely in demand and it is really fun to work in a technical field.

VERBUND-Woman stipend recipient Konstanze Altenburger
Master’s degree scholarship receiver Konstanze Altenburger

Master’s degree scholarship receiver Konstanze Altenburger is studying civil engineering, structural engineering. “Even when I was a child, I was fascinated about technology and wanted to know how and why things work the way they work. Visits to technology museums and various power plants have further fuelled this passion”, Altenburger told us to explain how her interest in technology began. She applied for the VERBUND Scholarship for Women because it opens up opportunities for professional development, starting with the application process. She saw it as preparing herself for similar situations that she will experience in the course of her career.

VERBUND-Woman stipend recipient Simone Schuler
PhD scholarship receiver Simone Schuler

PhD scholarship receiver Simone Schuler is a student of electrical engineering. “I was particularly interested in the personality development, as this is not typically given priority during my studies. What’s more, VERBUND is a well-known and respected company throughout Austria. To be able to include this scholarship in my CV was therefore another motivator”, Schuler said, stating her reasons for applying for the VERBUND Women's Scholarship. She would like to use the scholarship for rhetoric courses, continuing education in project management and to improve her language skills. She sees a particular benefit in being able to learn beyond disciplinary boundaries.


Photo Gallery Women's Stipend Recipients

Videos of Women's Stipend Recipients - (German only)

VERBUND Women's Stipend Alumni Events

The Alumni Event was initiated the beginning of October 2013. This promotes exchanges and networking among the women. Here, the Women's Stipend recipients have the opportunity to interact with female VERBUND managers. Invitations go out to all stipend recipients who have been awarded the VERBUND Women's Stipend from 2009 onwards.

Anna Haller, Master's recipient 2009 on the Alumni Events:
"I was delighted to receive the invitation to the alumni get-together for the VERBUND Women's Stipend. That's a great opportunity for networking and an exchange of experiences. The visit to the Freudenau power plant was very interesting and it helped us get to know VERBUND better. Thank you very much for the excellent organisation!"

Clarissa Stracke, Bachelor's recipient 2011 on the Alumni Events:
Many thanks for the fascinating and enjoyable afternoon yesterday! It was a real pleasure, and fun to get to know all the others."