VERBUND started into the Year 2000 Without Problems


All technical plants of VERBUND, Austria's largest generator and transporter of electricity, worked perfectly also during this New Year’s Eve.

The engineers can already sound the all-clear signal as far as the abhorred "millennium bug" is concerned: the adjustment of the date caused no problems in the operation of the power stations and the high-voltage grid.

VERBUND engineers had worked for four years to fight off the abhorred millennium bug. In October 1999 the checks and tests of the 76 power stations, 43 substations and 3,600 kilometres of high-voltage lines were completed.

As a residual risk could not be excluded, quickly deployable power station capacities were maintained in reserve, and the number of employees on duty on New Year’s Eve was three times as high as in "normal" nights.

VERBUND is optimistic that as far as can be foreseen the generation and transport of power are safeguarded also for all Y2K-critical times ahead.