Fire in Austria's largest wind power plant


On the night of 4th July, 2000, Austria's largest wind power plant, the 1,5 megawatt power plant situated in Zurndorf, Burgenland, suffered severe damage due to a fire started by causes hitherto unknown. The damage is estimated at around 20 million Austrian Schillings and is covered by insurance.

No casualties were reported, nor has the environment been harmed in any way.

The 100 m high, rotor-equipped VERBUND power plant had switched off automatically at approx. 6.30 p.m. yesterday due to excessive wind speed in a storm front. Towards 8.30 p.m., a witness reported seeing the housing on fire. Subsequently two of the three rotor blades broke off and fell to the ground.

The cause of the accident – whether due to lightning or technical malfunction – is being examined. Furthermore, the amount of damage inflicted on the tower is also being investigated.