VERBUND Margaritzen reservoir


Margaritzen reservoir: VERBUND project for permanent glacier silt disposal was presented quite some time ago.

With regard to the announcement made by the Carinthian government's spokesman for nature conservation, Georg Wurmitzer, that if no project was submitted for the disposal of glacier abrasion slit from the Margaritzen reservoir belonging to Kaprun Power Station by the end of the summer, he would be calling in the Supreme Water Rights Authorities, VERBUND-Austria Hydro Power AG (AHP) on the part of the power station's operating company has announced the following statement: AHP submitted a project for a permanent solution to the disposal of glacier silt quite some time ago. However it was objected to by the Municipality of Heiligenblut.

A spokesman for the Management Board of AHP said AHP's hands were tied until a decision was made by the Administrative Court and since this was a pending lawsuit, no further statements could presently be made.

However, in reference to the Carinthian nature conservation spokesman's statements according to which Salzburg reaped only the benefits while Carinthia had all the disadvantages, AHP expressly pointed out that the utilisation of waterpower was a subject that concerned all of Austria and not just Carinthia or Salzburg: The production of electricity from renewable waterpower would benefit all Austrians.