VERBUND: New Structure of Production


With the resolutions on the organs that have been adopted today the reconstruction of the production area of VERBUND is complete.

The power plants of VERBUND-Austrian Hydro Power AG (AHP) and Österreichische Draukraftwerke Aktiengesellschaft (Draukraft) have been divided into hydropower and thermal power plant divisions under company law; thus the hydraulic and the thermal power production have been bundled in separate companies each.

In VERBUND-Austrian Hydro Power (AHP), all hydroelectric power plants of AHP and Draukraft are combined now. The result is the by far largest hydroelectric power producer in Austria, running 43 power plants with an annual output of approx. 19,000 GWh and a bottleneck output of 5,233 MW and with an overall balance sheet of approx. 60 billion ATS (4.36 bn EUR).

VERBUND-Austrian Thermal Power AG (ATP) now includes all thermal power stations of AHP and Draukraft. ATP is one of the major producers of thermal power in Austria; a strategically important pillar for the power supply of VERBUND on the liberalized market it supplies the necessary complementary energy with a bottleneck output of 1,281 MW.

The reorganized companies of AHP and ATP are the universal successors of the previous companies. The AHP Board of Management is made up, as previously, by the following gentlemen:

Commercial Manager Ing. Mag. Michael Amerer (Business)

Technical Manager Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Adolf Draxler (Engineering - Operation)

Manager Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Heinz Kaupa (Engineering - Maintenance).

They will also be the top executive team of ATP until the future ATP Board of Management will be appointed.