oekostrom AG - VERBUND Cooperation


oekostrom AG and VERBUND are making ecopower cost-effective also for quantity buyers now.

Starting today, both companies are offering a package combining cost-effective hydroelectricity and new bioenergy, windpower and solar energy. Thus an ecological and economic alternative in the power market is available for eco-sensitive companies and municipalities. This new power product was presented at a press conference in Vienna today.

Ecological criteria have increasingly become a decisive factor in the choice of a power supplier also for large buyers. These customers are the audience of the new, ecologically and economically attractive offer oekostrom AG and VERBUND Stromvertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. are providing.

The new power product is generated exclusively from the regenerative energy sources of large- and small-scale hydropower, solar energy, wind and bioenergy. The combination of cost-effective hydropower and trendsetting eco-power offers an economic alternative to cost-sensitive ecology-conscious companies and municipalities in the energy market.

Mr. Christian Kern, Managing Director of VERBUND Stromvertriebsgesellschaft: "Our objective is to develop a market for ecological power products. Cost-conscious and eco-sensitive companies are our focus group. Austrian Natural Power is an ideal addition to our hydroelectric power."

"Many companies and municipalities are able to go into clean energy only little by little for reasons of cost", says Mr. Ulfert Höhne, oekostrom AG, "From now on, the only consistent solution is 100% eco-power and power produced in large hydroelectric plants, at a competitive price, as offered jointly by oekostrom AG and VERBUND."

Starting today, the customers can buy "green power" via oekostrom AG (under the product name "grünstrom") and VERBUND Stromvertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. (under the product name "Austrian Natural Power").

"Green power" is available in two compositions:

• 80% Austrian Hydro Power plus 20% oekostrom

• 50% Austrian Hydro Power plus 50% oekostrom

VERBUND, Austria’s largest power producer and the cleanest large-scale producer in the EU, contributes exclusively "Austrian Hydro Power – 100% hydroelectric power". Oekostrom AG, Austria’s first supplier of eco-power generated 100% from solar energy, wind power and bioenergy as well as small hydroelectric power plants, contributes the eco-power portion.

Either part of the product meets strict criteria that were worked out in cooperation with big environmental organizations. oekostrom AG is holder of the eco-label “Green Power” and has agreed to be controlled by the Arsenal-Research Austrian research and audit centre. VERBUND hydroelectric power is certified by the Technical Control Board (TÜV) at regular intervals.