VERENA: VERBUND Foundation Offers Award for Renewable Energy


VERBUND is offering an award for scientific papers on “Electricity produced from renewable energy sources including hydropower” from its foundation “100 Years of Electricity Industry” under the chairmanship of Hans Haider, Chairman of the VERBUND Board of Management. VERENA (VERBUND Renewable Energy Award) includes prize money in the amount of 14,000 Euro.

The award is to sponsor primarily works of practical value in the use of renewable energy sources in Austria, Dr. Herbert Schroefelbauer, Chairman of the board of management of VERBUND-Austrian Hydro Power, Austria’s largest producer of hydroelectric power, explained at the VERBUND panel discussion “Results of Research in Aquatic Habitats” in Vienna Wednesday evening.

To participate in VERENA of the VERBUND foundation “100 Years of Electricity Industry”, advanced technical colleges and universities may submit scientific papers advancing and expediting the use of renewable energy. The prize money is 8000 € for the first place, 4000 € for the second, and 2000 € for the third place.

The deadline for submission of papers is December 31, 2002: VERBUND, password “VERENA”, 1010 Wien, Parkring 12, attn. Dr. Gerhard Schauer, e-mail: