APT Hungaria successfully launched


With APT Hungaria, Austria’s leading electricity company VERBUND has successfully established its fifth branch in Europe - after Germany, Italy, Poland and Slovenia. Within three years, depending on the further liberalisation of the Hungarian electric market, the Hungarian business volume is estimated to grow to 1 thousand million kWh, corresponding to a market share of 3%.

On 6 May, shortly after the accession of Hungary to the EU, the “APT Hungária Energia Kereskedelmi Kft”, established at the beginning of the year in Budapest, received the licences for electric trade as well as electric import and export. On 1 July the Hungarian domestic market was launched for companies with an annual consumption of over 1 million kWh.

APT Hungaria is targeted beyond the Hungarian electric market towards the entire South Eastern European area. Because on 10 October, the power supply zones of Europe, separated since the Balkan war of 1991, were reunited. Which means better possibilities for electric trade with Romania and Serbia via Hungary.