VERBUND and oekostrom AG to extend cooperation


VERBUND Austrian Power Trading (APT) has extended the hydropower distribution contract with oekostrom AG to include the next three years, until 2007.

APT supplies up to 100 GWh per annum of certified domestic hydropower from Austria to oekostrom AG, corresponding to an annual consumption of approx. 30,000 households.

Core item of the agreement is the clear power label on the electricity supply. Large-scale customers of oekostrom AG are hereby guaranteed the combined supply of ecological electricity, identified by the ecolabel of the ministry for the environment, and certified domestic hydropower.

Ulfert Höhne of the managing board of directors of oekostrom AG comments as follows: “As the leading supplier of ecological electricity we place highest demands on the origin of our electricity purchase. Our customers expect a clear label on the source of energy. Therefore it is important to oekostrom AG that the direct path of the energy can be traced clearly from power plant to customer. Cooperation with VERBUND safeguards transparency in electricity purchase also for hydropower for large-scale customers.”

APT comments: “Hydropower from Austria is one of VERBUND’s clearly defined premium products. An unequivocal power label automatically represents added value for renewable energy sources. As Austria’s largest hydropower producer, therefore, traceable power identification is of prime value to us. By distributing energy with a certificate of authenticity to oekostrom AG we are guaranteeing the best possible proof of quality.”