“Beyond Power” – The VERBUND Sustainability Report 2004 is out


For the third time already, VERBUND, Austria’s largest electricity provider, demonstrates its competence with regard to economic, ecological and social issues.

Generating more than 80 % of its electricity from domestic hydropower, VERBUND is, indeed, by nature, committed to sustainability. In addition to that, the group was able to benefit from the opportunities provided by the deregulation process, as recently shown again by the latest record results. The VERBUND Group continued to pursue its dedication to social issues; even during the difficult times at the beginning of the market liberalization all necessary reorganization measures were implemented on the basis of social compatibility.

In its current sustainability report, VERBUND is represented, among others, as being

• an interesting investment with a solid share, which, in 2004, managed to out-perform the ATX by +57 %.

• a company committed to accountability, having more than half of all power plant locations certified in compliance with EMAS and ISO 14001, thus subjecting them to a strict external environmental compatibility test

• an attractive employer with a modern training and continued training program.

For the VERBUND, “sustainability” is not just another image-promoting activity; rather, it is a fundamental philosophy on the basis of which all options regarding action and decisions are evaluated in accordance with the three areas of sustainability - economic, environmental, and social indicators, respectively.

Compact information in a new design

This definition of sustainability is also reflected in the new structure of the current sustainability report: The specific distinction of the three areas of economic, environmental and social indicators has been limited to significant facts and figures, as well as clarifying comments. The centrepiece of the report focuses on selected projects in 2004, which are presented in a “three-dimensional” manner by virtue of the fact that their effects are described in terms of each of the three areas of sustainability.

By way of complementing the annual report, whose motto in 2004 was “Discover Power”, the sustainability report covers all of the aspects relevant to the VERBUND group - “Beyond Power.” And yet, the scope remains compact and reads easily, giving an overview of the activities of VERBUND and referring to numerous other data sources, such as, for example, the extensive “Research and Environmental Data 2004”, available on the VERBUND website www.verbund.at. Basic subjects already dealt with in the 2003 edition of the sustainability report, such as management systems, are not dealt with again in the new edition; however, they are available online for reference purposes.

In order to make sure that we have touched on the appropriate issues with these contents, the VERBUND would like to invite all readers to evaluate the Sustainability Report 2004 and to provide suggestions for future reports. The VERBUND Sustainability Report 2004 and the questionnaire can be found at www.verbund.at/at/konzern/nachhaltigkeit in the internet, or ordered via mail at VERBUND, Mag. Renate Pretscher, Am Hof 6a, 1010 Vienna, or, by Email at sustain@VERBUND.at.