Another “Oscar” for the VERBUND Annual Report


Like last year, the “Grand Award” of this year’s ARC gala on 8 September 2005 in New York in the category “German Speaking Countries” went to VERBUND, Austria’s leading electricity company, and the VERBUND Annual Report.

 The VERBUND Annual Report had already been awarded the “Golden Award” in the preliminary round in the “overall” category (i.e. overall impression). This new international success has definitely secured the position of the VERBUND Annual Report as one of the best annual reports worldwide.


In the final round, the VERBUND Annual Report prevailed against Axel Springer, Tchibo, Wienerberger AG and others. Every year, the best annual reports in the world are awarded the international ARC award - this year for the 19th time running - for outstanding performance in creativity and communication. The assessment includes the presentation of the company, the representation of its financial data, the transmission of its corporate philosophy and the clarity of design and text. The jury consists of more than 200 experts from the areas of IR, PR, journalism and design, who, this year, had the task of judging 1,900 reports from 25 countries.


Following last year’s grand success (Gold and Grand Award), the stakes for VERBUND were particularly high this year, featuring the presentation of another annual report which, in terms of business reporting, design and journalistic presentation ranks among the best worldwide. The concept of 2003 was further developed, the result being a product which, once again, corresponds to international top standards.


The central creative idea of this year’s VERBUND Annual Report was making the invisible - electrical energy - visible by way of the motto “discover power”. Three photographers - Dietmar Tollerian, Oliver Gast and Rainer Fehringer - gave expression to their personal viewpoint of energy from hydropower through the themes of “drawing energy”, “using energy”, and “yielding energy”.