Start of construction for Limberg II

23.02.2006Vienna, Kaprun

All official notices of approval have been obtained; a consensus has been reached with affected landowners.

Supervisory Board gives go-ahead
On 20 February 2006, the Supervisory Board of VERBUND-Austrian Hydro Power AG (AHP) gave the go-ahead tor the construction of the new pumped storage power plant "Limberg II". With that, there is nothing more to obstruct the implementation of the new power plant in Kaprun, the beginning stages of which had already been conceived in the beginning 70s. All positive notices from the authorities were obtained, or at least partially negotiated. A consensus has also been reached with the landowners. With an increase of 353 megawatt to 833 megawatt, the pumped storage power plant will more than double the capacity of the Kaprun power plant group. "Limberg II will constitute a significant contribution to the security of electricity supply, because approx. 10 percent of the grid capacities needed in Austria during peak consumption hours will be generated by the new power plant," Dr. Herbert Schröfelbauer, Chairman of the Board of VERBUND-Austrian Hydro Power AG, explains.
The commissioning of the first generator set is planned tor autumn 2011 and full operation tor March 2012. Due to the high level of indirect profitability, the construction of Limberg II will have a positive effect on the economy and the labour market of the entire region. This large-scale project will have a positive effect not just on the businesses directly involved in its implementation, but also, to a large extent, the retail business, as well as the gastronomy and hotel businesses. The project has an investment volume of Euro 365 million as well as an employment effect of an additional workforce of approx. 800 per annum.

Limberg II to guarantee stable grid operation
Electricity cannot be stored in large amounts. Every second of electricity generation must be matched exactly be the corresponding amount of electricity consumption. If an imbalance arises, the entire system grows unstable. It is the task of storage and pumped storage power plants to see that the balance is quickly restored. "Limberg II" will be a balance and backup system and significantly enhance grid reliability throughout Austria. "The new pumped storage power plant will be constructed in a manner most friendly to the environment, namely, in caverns that are completely underground. Upon completion, only the access gateway to the machine and the transformer cavern will be seen from the outside," promises Mag. Michael Amerer, Chairman of the Board of VERBUND-Austrian Hydro Power AG. The Institute of Ecology in Salzburg, from the very onset of planning involved in the project, will be charged with the ecological supervision of the construction works.

No drawbacks tor citizens of Kaprun through power plant construction
The first construction phase until April 2001 will involve the implementation of measures tor the preparation of construction. That means that the construction site will be prepared and the necessary access tunnels built. Because in the second phase of construction, when the caverns are created, the construction vehicles will have to get to the construction site at the Limberg power house along a tunnel system measuring more than five kilometres. The construction works will hardly affect the residents and the tourism in the region at all since the construction site will be neither seen nor heard from Kaprun, However, during the construction, there is an increased traffic volume of approx. 1.4 percent to be expected. The Kaprun Alpine storage reservoirs of "Wasserfallboden" and "Mooserboden" will be largely accessible without hindrance in the summer.