Winter 2005/06: Emergency measures imperative to guarantee security of supply


Grid situation in Austria still precarious. Emergency measures implemented on every day but one this winter.During the winter season 2005/06, the north-south high-voltage lines of VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG (APG) were overloaded practically on a daily basis.

Extensive and costly congestion management measures were necessary to guarantee security of supply at a supra-regional level. These measures resulted in additional costs of approx. EUR 17 million. The volume of energy needed within the framework of congestion management came to approx . 1,400 GWh, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of the city of Graz over one year. Dr. Heinz Kaupa, Member of the Managing Board of APG: “Unfortunately, this enormous financial outlay has not brought about a sustainable improvement in the grid situation nor has it enhanced the security of supply. A sustainable solution can only be achieved through the completion of the 380 kV line”.

Since 2001, the absolute capacity limits of the structurally weak north-south high-voltage lines of AHP have been massively and continuously exceeded. This impermissible overloading of the grid takes place primarily in the winter months and the situation is becoming more and more precarious. Consequently, the risk of a major blackout is growing significantly.