In Leoben, VERBUND demonstrates its competence in small power plant construction


VERBUND, Austria’s leading electricity company demonstrates its competence in small power plant construction in Leoben with today’s officially opened ‘StadtKraftWerk’ on the Mur. “The new hydroelectric power plant delivers three times more electricity than its predecessor, therewith supplying almost all Leoben households with locally produced, environmentally-friendly energy, and still has many further positive effects for the population, who are signalising a high degree of acceptance for us as a result,” explains VERBUND director general Hans Haider.

With a 34 million euro price tag, the new Mur power plant, which has been built to replace the outmoded ‘Krempl’ power plant, has been completed on schedule after a construction period of a little over two years and is officially going into operation today, Tuesday.

“Compared to the old run-of-river plant, the performance could be quadrupled to 9.9 MW, the working capacity has been increased to 50 million kilowatt hours. As a result of the professionalism with which the construction was carried out, the calculated building costs were even lower than estimated and, despite pressure to meet the deadline, there weren’t any accidents on the building site,” said a delighted Herbert Schröfelbauer, chairman of the board of directors of the VERBUND hydropower subsidiary, AHP. “Through a multitude of accompanying ecological measures, such as providing fish ladders, the laying out of thousands of new plants, or newly created small biotopes, this multipurpose facility is a show model for environmentally-friendly, small power plant construction.”

“In view of the continually increasing electricity consumption - in Austria this grows every year by the amount generated by a Danube power plant the size of Freudenau - the realisation of the Leoben ‘StadtKraftWerk’ proves itself to be spot on,” adds AHP board director Michael Amerer. “Our special thanks go to the inhabitants of Leoben, whom we have involved intensely from the very outset and who have meanwhile adopted the power plant, to all intents and purposes - not least of all on account of the strongly improved infrastructure.”