Despite complaint VERBUND continues to supply low-priced electricity


“VERBUND is the most attractive provider of electricity for the Austrian end customer market, which anyone can verify with the help of the E-Control tariff calculator. Our customers save up to 30% in energy prices,” says VERBUND General Director Hans Haider.

The energy price (electricity price without grid service charges and taxes) is the only component of the electricity price which is part of the free market competition and, as such, variable. The two other components, grid service charges and taxes, are fixed parameters that cannot be influenced by providers. This fact is also known to a large percentage of the 45,000 VERBUND end customers, as shown recently by a survey conducted by the Gallup Institute.

A price comparison from page 86 on of the current edition of economic magazine GEWINN shows that VERBUND is the best price bidder. “Even our competitors, in their bill of complaint, confirm the savings from which customers benefit when switching to VERBUND. A mathematical calculation shown there demonstrates that an average household with an annual consumption of 3,500 kWh can save approximately € 70.00 of electricity costs per year,” Haider continues. “We are committed to ensuring that Austria’s electricity customers are aware of the cost of a kilowatt hour of pure energy and will continue to inform them in the future of our attractive electricity prices.”