VERBUND Supervisory Board newly constituted


Following the 60th General Meeting of VERBUND, the constituent meeting of the Supervisory Board, the composition of which remained intact, saw the election of Dr. Gilbert Frizberg (51), hitherto first Deputy Chairman, as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

The corresponding motion was made by Erhard Schaschl (64). With a view to continuity within the supervisory body, Schaschl will remain in office as Vice President parallel to the second Deputy Chairman, Maximilian Eiselsberg (60). All votes were accepted unanimously.

Frizberg expressed his gratitude over Schaschl's motion and the demonstration of trust on the part of the Supervisory Board. "The international competitiveness to strengthen VERBUND and the reinforcement of our position on the domestic Austrian market are priority goals," was Frizberg's concluding remark.

The shareholder representatives in the Supervisory Board are commonly appointed until the year 2010.