Inn Joint Venture Plant: EID submitted


The project team submits the environmental impact declaration for Inn joint venture power plant.

5,000 Pages of submission documents
The submission documents comprise the approval application, the technical planning documents and the environmental audit. The documents amount to a total of 5,000 pages, as well as in excess of 100 plans. This corresponds to more than ten filled office files.
The submission documents were compiled by four planning offices (two from Tyrol and Switzerland, respectively), as well as by 20 environmental auditors.

Start of the EIA
All of the environmental auditors from the Inn joint venture project reached the conclusion that the project is environmentally compatible. The submission is followed by the start of Europe’s strictest approval procedure, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The public is informed
The citizens of the project authorities in Oberes Gericht have been intensively involved in the project development and regularly informed about the project’s progress. The EIA proceedings equally stipulate that citizens are legally authorised to voice their opinions. All submission documents will be available for public inspection in the project authorities. Furthermore, all parties have a right of representation.