Mellach combined gas power plant is environmentally friendly


After 16 months of detailed investigation into the notice of the Office of the Styrian provincial government, the independent Environmental Tribunal has reached the following conclusion: The combined gas power plant project at Mellach of VERBUND-Austrian Thermal Power GmbH & Co KG (ATP) is environmentally friendly.

Through the implementation of state-of-the-art technology, the new combined gas power plant will adhere to the strictest of European directives and thus guarantee high environmental compatibility. The plant will be operated solely on the basis of natural gas, one of the cleanest fuels, containing neither sulphur nor dust nor heavy metal.

The total costs for the combined gas power plant at Mellach amount to approx. Euro 500 million. The investment will create a domestic added value of roughly Euro 130 million. A workforce of approx. 180 persons will then be employed by ATP at the Mellach location.

In the course of the parallel tendering procedure, the offer submitted by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe, Ltd. was declined today. During the examination of evidence on the part of the Federal Public Procurement Office, it turned out that certain items of the offer do not comply with the federal procurement law of 2006 and that essential components are not in accordance with the tender requirements.