Appeal proceedings before the environmental tribunal


At the appeal hearing that took place before the environmental tribunal on 26 February, VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG (APG) emphasized that the sole subject matter of the hearing was the proposal for the 380 kV overhead line between St. Peter (Upper Austria) and Salzach Neu in Elixhausen (Salzburg).

On 30 March 2007, against the backdrop of the EIA (environmental impact assessment) hearing, the respective authorities of the provinces of Upper Austria and Salzburg approved the overhead line project submitted by APG as being environmentally sound. "We have full confidence in the independent environmental tribunal, which will cast the ultimate decision in the matter. APG's project "Salzburg line" will close a further gap in the 380 kV extra-high voltage ring. The line will provide for the urgently necessary backing of the Greater Salzburg area," is the comment of APG chairmen Heinz Kaupa and Thomas Karall.

APG once again reaffirmed its stand, adhering to its position that the implementation of the overhead line project in the 380 kV ring is both appropriate and urgently necessary. After a first thorough investigation of the KEMA study, Austrian Power Grid AG gained no new insights that would in any way justify a change in verdict regarding the cable issue. APG once more underlined its complete confidence in the independent environmental tribunal, which will cast the ultimate decision concerning the submitted overhead line project. According to the environmental tribunal, a decision is to be expected in April.

As the largest Austrian transmission grid operator, APG makes sure that the security of supply with electrical energy is guaranteed. In a regulated environment, APG is required by law to expand and maintain the transmission grid in such a manner that it can be operated safely and efficiently. As the regulatory authority in Austria, E-Control determines the regulations under which APG is obligated to meet this responsibility.