Kids Business Week - "Discover the Secret of Success"


For the third year in series Children aged between eight and fourteen will be meeting successful Austrian business executives. Verbund will also present itself at the Kids Business Week event from 21 to 25 July 2008 in the Gewerbehaus of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna.

A toy to protect the environment?
Management on spaceship Earth!
Who makes the laws?
How does electricity get into our sockets?

Exciting answers and valuable background information will be presented to children aged eight to fourteen at Kids Business Week 2008. Registration is possible online from 10 to 25 June 2008; see link to registration in the right-hand column.

Managers describe the secret of success
80 business executives of successful companies will be presenting interesting and exciting talks and workshops in order to let the children in on the "secret of their success". Kids will have the chance in a lifetime to personally get to know the people behind the success of a business. They will be able to have discussions with renowned personalities from the economy and work with them on solutions to economic problems.

Business Week as a unique opportunity
During the Kids Business Week, executives will be talking about their motivation for establishing a company or implementing a particular project. By way of talks and workshops, children as potential future entrepreneurs or creative associates will be taken through the speakers' personal experiences and stories and thus learn what other personalities managed to achieve. Children will get to know entrepreneurs who had the courage to implement an idea and were successful.

Verbund program: How does electricity get into our sockets?
This year, Verbund will be participating in the popular Kids Business Week with a large program. "How hard do I have to pedal in order to make an energy bulb glow or turn on the television?" By means of the bicycle ergometer and by "generating their own electricity", kids will be able to find answers to this and other related questions.
In the afternoon of 24 July 2008 Verbund managers DDr. Karl Gollegger and Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Meyer will give two exciting lectures on energy and electricity, giving the children the opportunity to interact. "How does electricity feel and where does energy flow in my daily activities?" Seasoned theatre educators will afterwards invite the children to an improvisational theatre to act out and experience. There will be two ideas workshops offered on Verbund day; registration is required (see link to registration in the right-hand column).

Course of events and participation
Popular moderator Elmer Rossnegger will be taking the spectators through the entire event. The children's office of the University of Vienna will be responsible for looking after the children before and during the Kids Business Week and will support the entrepreneurs in the conception and educational implementation of their papers and ideas workshops.

The wienXtra-Ferienspiel (holiday games offered by wienXtra, Vienna's young city programme) will this year for the second time incorporate the Business Week into the holiday games passes in order to further the contact between children and the world of business.

The Kids Business Week is organized by MediaGuide GmbH in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and its sub-organization Junge Wirtschaft and is free of charge for entrepreneurs and children.