Expandation of Photovoltaic Activities in Spain


Verbund subsidiary VERBUND-Austrian Renewable Power GmbH (ARP) is expanding its photovoltaic commitment in Spain: After the acquisition of a Photovoltaik plant in the Andalusian province of Jaen in spring, today the enterprise confirmed the purchase of 1 MW photovoltaic plant near the first location.

Furthermore, in future all Spanish photovoltaic activities will be concentrated in the recently founded subsidiary, VERBUND-Photovoltaics Iberica S.L.

A second photovoltaic power plant in Spain
Under optimum solar irradiation, the acquired photovoltaic power plant  will generate an annual production of approx. 1.5 million kWh. As was already the case with the first plant in Mercadillo, which ARP acquired in April, the second project has also been developed and constructed by KIOTO Photovoltaics Iberica, a Spanish subsidiary of the Austrian KIOTO Clear Energy AG.

Solar power for approx. 1,500 households annually prevents around 4,000 tonnes CO2
Verbund is pursuing a clean growth strategy and is making a further step in this direction by way of its photovoltaic engagement in Spain. The annual production of the two plants amounts to approx. 5.2 GWh – this is sufficient to supply approx. 1,500 households with environmentally-friendly solar power throughout the year. On account of these two power plants, a contribution is being made to climate protection through the avoidance of around 4,000 tonnes CO2 annually.

The two Spanish Photovoltaik were established on a surface to about 22 football fields and will start supplying the grid with zero-emission solar energy in September. The entire investment for both projects amounts to around 20 million euro.