EID for Reisseck II has been submitted


The Environmental Impact Declaration (EID) has been submitted to the federal provincial government of Carinthia. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is now underway.

Thousands of individual data items have been collected and evaluated during the course of the EID. At the same time, the focus was placed on the intensive cooperation of 25 environmental assessors and technical planners. The team of assessors comprised physicians, ecosystem experts, geologists, hydrogeologists, land and agriculture specialists, forestry specialists, electrical engineering technicians and urban planners.

The submission of the Environmental Impact Declaration represents a further milestone in the Reißeck II project. First of all, the authority experts examine the completeness of the documents. This is followed by the start of the public presentation of the EID in the offices of the federal provincial government of Carinthia and in the municipal offices of Mühldorf and Reisseck.

 The EID in figures:

  • 405 office folders
  • 8,100 dokuments
  • 117,000 pages
  • more than 9,000 m² of paper