energy 1.09 – DARE to explore new economic territory!


With its new magazine "energy 1.09", new both in terms of date and type, Verbund, Austria's leading electricity company, is getting ready to make its appearance before a large public. Above all, the communication platform intends to do one thing: encourage.

The central message of the magazine, 280,000 copies of which will be sent out on Tuesday, 24 February in form of an enclosure to Austria's top daily newspapers, is as follows: Let us demonstrate confidence and motivation to overcome the prevailing economic crisis.

Verbund General Director Wolfgang Anzengruber comments: "We need a change in our economic thoughts and actions. With 'energy', I want to offer a platform to those people in Austria who are willing to create new values. Which is what economy and economizing is all about."

Energy 1.09 is not another report about Verbund, rather, it presents Verbund's philosophy. Read up on a chronology and analyses of events of the past years, as well as gain a glimpse of the megatrends of the future. Discover more about spirited people and ambitious projects, about innovative companies, products and ideas.

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