Moderate price adjustment


As per 1 May 2009, Verbund is adjusting the energy price (electricity without grid costs and taxes and deductions) for its private customers by a moderate 0.5 cents per kWh to 6.5 cents per kWh (excl. VAT). In spite of this, Verbund remains one of the most economical suppliers of electricity.

The adjustment corresponds to an increase of the pure energy price by 8.3 %, or the increase of the total electric bill by an average of 5.8 %.

Since the last price adjustment dating back to twenty months ago, Verbund has kept its electricity prices for private customers at the same attractive low level. During this time frame, the electricity price index of the Austrian Energy Agency increased by 30 %.

Ever since its entry into the end customer business in 2005, Verbund has been a reliable partner supplying electricity from      100 % hydropower at an attractive price. And even after the price increase, Verbund continues to be the most attractive supplier for most of the regions in Austria (For price comparison compare the tariff calculator at