380 kV Line "Salzach neu“


With the construction of the 380 kV line between Salzach neu (Elixhausen, Salzburg) and St. Peter (Upper Austria), Verbund is making an important contribution to supply security and economic recovery.

The 380 kV high-voltage line between Salzach neu (Salzburg) and St. Peter (Upper Austria) - a section of the Austrian 380 kV ring – heralds the start of one of the most important projects for the guarantee of supply security. With a high domestic share, the investment volume of EUR 96 million makes an important contribution to economic recovery. Following presentation of all authorizations and decisions, as well as providing comprehensive information to the local population, the middle of the year will see VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG starting building preparations for one of the country’s most thoroughly checked infrastructure projects. Through the erection of the 46-km-long line it will be possible to dismantle 64 km of the currently existing 110 and 220 kV high-voltage lines. The line will go into service in 2011.

As a backbone to Austrian electricity supply, the 380 kV high-voltage ring is at the core of the grid expansion planning of VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG. An important contribution is being provided to the maintenance of supply security in Austria with the construction of this line section of the ring. Furthermore, the expansion of the high-voltage ring represents one of the most important foundations for the  attainment of Austria’s climate goals - since the accelerated expansion of renewable energies requires stronger and safer grids.

The realization of the project is an important incentive for the Austrian and regional economy. Based on experience, the project’s domestic value creation lies at approx. 80 %. With an investment volume of EUR 96 million, this represents a significant and immediate contribution to economic recovery. It is particularly in times of economic difficulty that Verbund is strengthening Austrian companies through investment and therewith safeguarding important jobs.

In addition, the 46-km-long 380 kV line between Salzach neu and St. Peter is providing a powerful relief with regards to the existing high-voltage lines:  a total of 64 km of 110 or 220 kV lines, respectively, with 212 pylons in Upper Austria and Salzburg, will be dismantled upon completion of the project in 2011.

The greatest possible consideration was given to all interests by means of a comprehensive environmental compatibility assessment. The compelling public interest in the construction of the  380 kV line has been confirmed many times. It is also a primary concern of VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG to actively and promptly inform all of those involved and affected about all of the important steps, to be available to answer questions raised by the local population and to give their interests the greatest possible consideration.

An information hotline (0800-311380) as well as a project website  www.salzburgleitung.at (German only) are available for more information.

An authorization procedure has not yet commenced for the 2nd section of the Salzburg line "Tauern - Salzach neu". A report is currently being awaited from the EU coordinator.