First Large Engine Component Delivered


The enormous inlet spiral has arrived in Kaprun. The intake structure at the Wasserfallboden reservoir has been completed and the reservoir refilled once more.

90 ton inlet spiral
The first engine component to be delivered was an enormous, 90 ton inlet spiral, which arrived in two sections. Upon completion of the power plant, the flow of water in transition to the turbine propeller at the end of the 3.5 kilometre long headrace tunnel will therewith be set in a circular motion. The ten-metre-long, five-metre-wide and three-metre-high engine component has been produced by Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation GmbH & Co KG in St. Pölten. The heavy load was transported on a low-loading truck by the Knoll Company from Grödig. The inlet spiral for the second pump turbine should be delivered in around five months.

"Somewhat ahead of schedule ..."
"We are even somewhat ahead of the schedule and that is very pleasing for a total construction period of six years," said Limberg-II project manager, Erich Wagner. The end of June will see completion of assembly works on the main crane in the engine chamber. The intake structure on the Wasserfall reservoir was able to be completed as early as the middle of June. "The second reservoir has therewith also been refilled ahead of the main tourism season," informed Wagner. At the beginning of March, it was necessary to empty the Wasserfallboden and Mooserboden reservoirs in preparation for the intake structure. The intake structure on the Mooserboden reservoir was already completed in May.