The Higher Administrative Court Rejects Appeals Against Environmental Senate Ruling


In its findings dated 24 June 2009, the Higher Administrative Court rejected the content of the six appeals lodged against the independent Environmental Senate’s ruling on the 380 kV Styria line.

"The Styria line is one of Austria’s best audited infrastructure plans and, in all steps of the proceedings, we have paid the closest attention to statutory guidelines and, in particular, to the wishes of the population as well," stressed Heinz Kaupa, chairman of VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG. The Supreme Court confirms the findings of the Environmental Senate and thus substantiates the environmental compatibility of the Styria line.

The Supreme Court has also therewith determined that a cable in the 380 ring was not state-of-the-art technology and that the overhead line is thus the most appropriate solution for the Styria line. "The compliance with all electromagnetic safety values is also confirmed through these findings, " says Kaupa. "This is especially importance to us in terms of the neighbouring residents."

An important step in the commissioning phase – electricity is flowing as of today, 30 June.

The published ruling by the Higher Administrative Court underlines the fact that the 380 kV Styria line, which has started operations with effect from today, 11.05., not only meets all requirements from a technical and ecological standpoint, but also from a legal perspective, and thus represents the best possible solution. The official opening of the Styria line takes place on 11 September 2009. After more than 20 years of project duration, an important gap in the Austrian 380 kV maximum voltage ring has therewith been undertaken and regional supply security been safeguarded in the long-term.