Verbund promotes personal energy efficiency with solar power package


Verbund is making a strong case for renewable energies. As one of the lowest-cost electricity providers in Austria, the company has now bundled its experience in terms of generation and sales in form of a "one-stop-package" for private households.

The VERBUND solar power package includes everything from one sole source, from technical planning through processing and assembly up to delivery and purchase of electricity. The aim is to bundle as many households as possible to create the largest decentralized photovoltaic "power plant" in Austria.

Verbund is not just Austria's largest electricity company, but also the fourth largest producer of electricity from renewable energy sources in Europe. Over the next years, the company plans to further significantly expand its position, not least in the area of alternative renewable energies.

This target setting is reflected in all business sectors, one of them being the end customer market, where Verbund supplies electricity from 100 % hydropower to its roughly 200,000 end customers. Verbund's main experience with photovoltaics is in form of the erection and operation of large photovoltaic plants in Spain as well as 20-year test series in Austria. Regarding private households, Verbund is now making a new offer to contribute their part to climate protection and thus substantially reduce costs of electricity generation by having a photovoltaic system installed on their very own roof.

The power of the sun from one source
From 1 July 2009, private households in Austria can take advantage of the VERBUND solar power package: this includes erection of photovoltaic systems of state-of-the-art quality, implementation of all available processing technology, as well as an attractive tariff system of electricity supply and purchase. Moreover, a number of financing models are offered by partner Raiffeisen. Verbund draws up the offer and selects the suppliers, as well as takes care of the financial procedure involving financing partner Raiffeisen.

Best Austrian quality at best prices
Verbund works with the best partners, guaranteeing top quality Austrian components. The modules are supplied by Austrian company Kioto, the solar panels by world market leader Q-Cells. The inverters are produced by Austrian quality leader Fronius. Verbund has had nothing but the best experience with the panels supplied by Kioto: More than 10,000 modules of the same type were implemented in the first large photovoltaic plant of Verbund. The solar panels by Q-Cells, incidentally, are produced free of CO2 in Germany with Verbund hydropower.

A first consultation takes place through Verbund; planning, sale and assembly of individual systems is carried out by the partner company "Solarverbund GmbH".

First, the interested customer receives consultation, as well as sample offers and information material. The experts of Solarverbund contact the customer and, if so desired, arrange an appointment for an on-location visit. During this appointment, the facility is custom-planned in compliance with the customer's requests; in the following the customer receives an offer and the contracts for electricity supply and purchase. If the customer opts for implementation, the facility is ordered, the financial grants applied for, all necessary approval procedures initiated, and the system mounted and assembled.

Generate environmentally friendly power yourself and save costs
The costs of this type of system at a plant size of 5 kilowatt are approx. 25,000.00 Euro; of this sum, around 50 % can be refinanced by way of financial grants. With the tariff model of Verbund, acquisition costs will become amortized for private households after a period of 15 years at a life span of the system of 25 to 30 years.

Verbund markets the generated electricity as valuable surge current and can thus compensate more for the electricity than the customer has to pay for power from the grid (relative to the pure energy price). Hence, the attractive offer for electricity procurement from Austrian hydropower by Verbund is combined with an optimal compensation for private-generated solar power. Private households can thus reduce their cost of energy and, at the same time, invest in a future-oriented form of energy production. 

The future: The largest photovoltaic plant in Austria
The contact persons of Verbund and Solarverbund GmbH are, of course, also available for guarantee and services: In all systems, power generation is measured and outages or excessively low generation reported and fixed immediately. In a next step, Verbund plans to make own monitoring devices available to the customers for their own power generation and their own consumption. With that, individual, private photovoltaic systems will grow step by step to form the largest decentralized Austrian photovoltaic power plant and will benefit from the know how of the largest electricity provider – Verbund.