Verbund, EVN and Wien Energie conclude power supply agreement


After several months of negotiations, Verbund, as the supplier, and EVN, together with Wien Energie, as the purchaser, reached an agreement regarding the supply of electricity from 2010.

The two companies will be supplied with approx. 10 TWh of Austrian hydropower by Verbund until 2013.

This joint purchase moves EVN and Wien Energy, with an annual output of 3 TWh, up the list to make them Verbund's second largest customer in the wholesale market. This amount is the equivalent to the electricity consumption of a total of approx. 3 million households until 2013. This cooperation will prove beneficial to a large extent for Austrian value creation and secure domestic electricity from hydropower for Austrian end customers. By 2013, a contract volume of a cumulated 10 TWh will have been established. In comparison, Verbund generates an annual output of 27 TWh of electricity, thereof approx. 24 TWh from hydropower.

As Verbund General Director Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Anzengruber and Deputy General Director Dr. Johann Sereinig emphasized, this contract represents one of the largest-scale agreements ever to have been concluded by Verbund in power trading and underlines the outstanding cooperation of the three companies.

For EVN General Director Dr. Burkhard Hofer and Board Director Mag. Helmut Miksits of Wiener Stadtwerke Holding, the concluded power supply agreement constitutes a valuable contribution of the security of supply, safeguarding domestic hydropower for Austrian customers.