Gratkorn Mur Power Plant – Environmental Impact Declaration Submitted


For the Mur power plant of Gratkorn, the extensive documents for the EIA (environmental impact assessment) procedure were submitted to the provincial authorities.

On 10 September 2009, the project management presented the provincial authorities with the extensive submission documents for the EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) proceedings concerning the Mur power plant in Gratkorn. The comprehensive environmental impact statement has therewith been concluded for this site and it is now available for inspection by the responsible department of the federal province of Styria.

The in-depth surveys and detailed investigations in the project authority of Gratkorn encompass, among other things, the following areas: water ecology, fishing, groundwater, surface water, forestry, ecology, transport, geology, regional planning, landscape, regeneration, leisure, sound, soil and farming, air, climate, meteorology etc.