energy 2.09: Innovative technology – new ethics


VERBUND, Austria’s leading electricity group, is today, Wednesday, appearing in public with the second edition of the new magazine, "energy". The general theme of the new edition is "Innovative Technology – New Ethics".

The central message of the publication, which is enclosed as a supplement in a circulation of 230,000 copies in Austria’s high-quality newspapers, is: Innovation through technology is the order of the hour, if the economic crisis and depression are to be overcome. However, technology requires new ethics.

Verbund boss Wolfgang Anzengruber: "In future, technology will not only be measured in terms of economic criteria, but also – and above all – on whether it is environmentally friendly and compatible with business."

energy 2.09 reports on people who point out paths for the future through their innovative ideas, products and technologies. Read a chronology of the past half-year, a preview of mega trends for the coming year, interviews with young scientists in Austria, and much more.  

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