VERBUND awards large-scale contract in Albania


VERBUND is building a world novelty in Albania: the largest matrix power plant consisting of small turbines by proven ANDRIZ-HYDROMATRIX® technology.

ENERGJI ASHTA Shpk, a VERBUND subsidiary, is laying its bets on Austrian products awards the contract for the equipment of the Ashta power plant to technology company ANDRITZ. The contract value is approx. 100 MEUR. By 1012, SPV Energji Ashta Shpk will have erected Ashta hydropower plant in the north of Albania, near the country's fourth largest town of Shkoder. The process to be implemented for the project on the river Drin is quite an innovative one: The matrix technology allows for a particularly efficient utilization of water. Through Ashta, some 100,000 Albanian households will be able to be supplied with electricity annually.

In this regard, VERBUND is counting on Austrian technology: the HYDROMATRIX®-system will be implemented in two stages on the river Drin in the north of Albania by ANDRITZ HYDRO. Each of the two stages will be equipped with 45 steel modules, each including a HYDROMATRIX® turbine generator unit.

The total installed capacity of both systems (Ashta I and Ashta II) is over 50 megawatt; the annual output to be generated is 240 million kilowatt hours. This corresponds to a fourth of the amount supplied by Vienna Danube power plant Freudenau. Construction of the power plant is scheduled to start in 2010: the total volume invested by Verbund is approximately 200 million Euro. Electricity will be generated from 2012, which will be fed into the Albanian 110 kV grid.