Solar power package to increase private energy efficiency


Niki Berlakovich, Federal Minister for the Environment, and Wolfgang Anzengruber, Verbund Chairman of the Board, extended their congratulations in Krems today on the occasion of the installation of the first photovoltaic plant from the Verbund solar power package.

The system with 4.8 kWp takes up an area of approx. 40 m² on the flat roof of the detached Krems house. Minister Berlakovich also provided the environmentally aware family with consent for funding of the system from the Climate and Energy Fund (KLIEN).

Solar power is important for the environment and climate protection since it makes a considerable contribution to the reduction of emissions. With the erection of photovoltaic systems, it is particularly private households that are able to handle energy with greater efficiency in their living space and save money at the same time. The Ministry of Life provides active support and commitment for this area. Environment Minister Berlakovich: "It is a matter of importance to me to support people in the use of renewable energy and in their climate protection efforts. Solar energy is an important cornerstone on our path to greater energy independence, for the attainment of the climate protection targets and for the durable affordability of energy for our households."

Verbund is also putting its support behind renewable energies. As one of the most inexpensive providers of electricity in Austria, the company has concentrated its experience in production and sales by bringing out a "one stop package" in July for private households. From one source, the Verbund solar power package contains everything from technical planning, the processing of funding and assembly right through to the delivery and purchase of electricity. The vision: To bring together as many houses as possible to form Austria’s largest decentralized photovoltaic "power plant".

Wolfgang Anzengruber, Chairman of the Board: "We are committed to renewable energy and also practice this commitment with our customers. As Europe’s fourth largest hydropower producer and one of Austria’s most inexpensive electricity providers, Verbund wants to promote awareness among consumers in their handling of energy. The solar power package plays an important role here and I am delighted that the first system is already in operation after just two months."

Great interest in private energy efficiency
The interest in the expansion of private energy efficiency is great: More than 2000 private households have expressed an interest in the VERBUND solar power package since the start of July; Verbund has submitted around 500 applications to KLEIN. This is a great success in view of the cost of such a system, which lies at around 25,000 Euro for a system the size of 5 kilowatts – around 50% of this is refinanced via funding. Verbund’s tariff model results in the amortization of the acquisition costs for private households after a period of 15 years, with a system life cycle system of 25 to 30 years.

Active collaboration
Wolfgang Anzengruber comments: "The consumers are clearly prepared to invest in an efficient and sustainable handling of energy. In the process, we are prepared to provide active support through our know-how. It is now essential to rapidly improve the framework conditions for interested parties.

Produce your own environmentally friendly electricity and help save costs
Verbund is marketing the electricity generated in private photovoltaic systems as valuable surge current and is thus able to provide greater reimbursement for this than has to be paid by the customer for electricity from the grid (based on the pure energy price). Thus, the attractive offer for the volume of electricity purchased from Verbund’s 100% Austrian hydropower is combined with the optimal reimbursement for privately generated solar power. The private household is able to reduce their energy costs and simultaneously invest in a forward-looking form of energy production.