Inn Joint Venture Power plant: EIA Report is Positive


Following inspection by the authorities, the EIA report is now available: the hydropower plant on the Austro-Swiss border is environmentally sound.

In addition to the detailed inspection of the project documents, the drawing up of an extensive environmental impact statement and verbal negotiations, it is now certain: The hydropower plant project is environmentally compatible and has received a positive EIA notice of approval. The approval authority in Tyrol in charge has reached this decision unanimously following the submission of the documents.

Comprehensive Assessment Confirms Environmental Compatibility
Following more than 30 months of extensive and detailed assessment of the cross-border joint project with Switzerland, carried out by the responsible regulatory bodies, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report has now been made available to the general public. Until mid December it may be inspected in the offices of the provincial state government of Tyrol and in the seven project authorities in the district of Landeck. With regards to the content, the EIA authorities have reached the overall evaluation that, based upon the current results of the investigations, the proposals appear to be environmentally compatible though compliance with the required auxiliary conditions and compensation measures as stipulated by the Austrian Environmental Assessment Act (UVP-G 2000).