Machine Components Take to the Air


This week, parts of the shut-off valve, with a total weight of five tons, were flown to the Höhenburg by special heavy duty helicopters.

Too large for the transport tunnel
On 28 October, parts of the shut-off valve, which can seal off the water flow in the water works channel, were flown from nearby Kesselfall to the area around Höhenburg by means of heavy-duty helicopters. "Normally, a helicopter can transport up to one ton. These parts weigh around five tons and, at a diameter of up to five meters, are too large for the tunnel system; this is why we are utilising a heavy-duty helicopter, " explains Limberg II project manager Erich Wagner. In altogether seven flights, rings and pipes are flown up to around 2,000 meters above sea level. Depending on the weather, flights might have to be delayed for a number of days.

60 tons and up through the tunnel
Twelve heavy-duty transports will bring further components for the shut-off valve up to the construction site by 10 November. The largest machine component is the valve plate, the main component of the shut-off valve weighing 60 tons and having a diameter of five meters. If tilted, the valve plate can pass through the tunnel system. The valve plate is transported up the mountain by special vehicle with a steered rear axle.