Collaboration: VERBUND-APG AG and TIWAG-Netz AG


In order to implement the third EU liberalisation package for the revival of the competition on the EU electricity market as efficiently as possible and to optimally introduce it on the market, VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG and TTWAG-Netz AG have agreed to enter into a close collaboration.

Due to emerging demands, the TIWAG-Netz AG will commission VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG to manage the transmission network.

The management of the nationwide transport which serves the Tyrolean high-voltage power line will in future be administrated by Verbund's grid subsidiary. The ownership of grids and grid infrastructure facilities and the value-creation from the operation of high-voltage power lines will remain unchanged in Tyrol.

High Collaboration Requirements on the European Grid

The transmission network operators in Europe have been subject to high collaboration requirements since the start. The most recently concluded third EU liberalisation package makes these requirements clear once more. The central content of the third liberalisation package concerns the independence of the transmission network provider from production and trade.

Improvement and Grid Situation

This future-orientated collaboration with the control areas from TIWAG-Netz and VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG will lead to significant improvements in the situation on the electricity balancing market. Through the collaboration, the further development of the national Austrian electricity market will be improved and will further drive forward the integration of the entire European electricity market.

Austrian Control Area Leaders now responsible for around 95% of the Federal Territory


The VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG is Austria's control area leader and is currently already responsible for the federal states of Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Carinthia, Upper Austria and Salzburg. The electricity flow between the large production facilities and the distribution grids in Austria are controlled on a daily basis and equalized, and imports and exports to countries abroad are processed. Via the collaboration between VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG and TIWAG-Netz AG, the area of responsibility has been expanded around Tyrol and, with this, comprises 95% of the Austrian electricity market. The collaboration will bring about further improvements for security of supply in Austria via the inclusion of the Tyrolean power plants and the optimisation of the controlling facilities. This is particularly necessary given the continuous increase of electricity from wind turbine plants in Germany, which is placing the highest demands on the management of electricity flow in Europe. Furthermore, the processing of the daily programme for around 107 balancing groups will be made easier and an improved European access to the market with cheaper electricity prices will be made possible.

It should go into operation in 2011. The preparations will be commenced immediately.

Advantage for Austrian Electricity Customers

For Austrian electricity providers and electricity customers, the collaboration between TIWAG-Netz and VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid should make the administrative side of things much easier. Due to the expanding standardised Austrian electricity market, there are lower administrative expenses and the possibility to reduce the balancing energy costs for electricity traders. The VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid will subsequently fulfil all further measures to be implemented, as required by the third EU liberalisation package.