VERBUND Seeks 45 Young Talents for Apprenticeship


An apprenticeship with promising career prospects – that is what is offered at 23 locations in Austria for the dual profession of electrical industrial and mechanical engineer, unique both in Austria and throughout Europe.

The apprenticeship for the highly desired dual profession of electrical industrial/mechanical engineer at VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company with an emphasis on hydropower, is unique both in Austria and throughout Europe. This year, VERBUND is once again looking for 45 apprentices from all over Austria. Applications can be submitted until 8 February.

One apprenticeship – two jobs
Since 1948, VERBUND has trained more than 2,000 apprentices. In a four-year apprenticeship course for the dual profession of electrical industrial/ mechanical engineer, VERBUND offers a highly desired job description with excellent career opportunities. Ten weeks per training year, the apprentices complete various modules at vocational school. In the first year, they receive their practical training in two best equipped VERBUND training centres at Ybbs Persenbeug and in Kaprun. In their second year, the youths are able to collect practical experiences in a VERBUND power plant or substation.

High completion rate
The quality of our training is tried and tested: For decades, the completion rate is at almost 100%. Nearly all graduates of the VERBUND apprenticeship program are able to complete the training. What's more, almost half of the VERBUND apprentices complete their apprenticeship leaving examination with honours. These graduates stand excellent chances at starting a career at VERBUND. If they possess the required skills and abilities, they can work at the VERBUND Group as skilled technicians, foremen, team or project managers in Austria, but also in Bavaria and any other countries in which VERBUND is established.

State-of-the art machine training
In mechanical engineering, the apprentices work with cutting-edge machines. They program the components on the laptop and transmit the programs to the fully automated manufacturing machines. In electrical industrial engineering, they begin with simple circuits; soon after, they proceed on to safety measures; in the fourth year, digital and analog technology is on the curriculum. Metal working in all varieties of techniques are already on the program in the first year. Next to being taught general know how, the apprentices also receive the specialist training required for the electricity industry.

Prerequisites for an apprenticeship at VERBUND
One requirement for being assigned one of the much-coveted apprenticeship posts at VERBUND is completion of compulsory school education and good grades. Moreover, VERBUND expects applicants to possess own initiative, be dedicated to working hard, demonstrate team player ability and flexibility and be in good physical shape. After a successful online application, youths have to complete both a theory and a practical test, as well as a personal talk.
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