Stegenwald power plant: Full involvement of the citizens


VERBUND and Salzburg AG invited the abutting residents to the citizens' information meeting.

Positive atmosphere
The atmosphere at Gasthaus Stegenwald on the occasion of the 80 visitors who came to the citizens' information meeting was a positive one. This is mainly attributable not only to the citizens' understanding of the necessity of expanding production of clean electricity from hydropower, but also their knowledge of the careful treatment of nature by VERBUND and Salzburg AG. The power plants located close by, Kreuzbergmaut and Werfen/Pfarrwerfen, habe become established as popular destinations for excursions in the region.

Power plant construction in harmony with nature
The experts commissioned by the project partners to be in charge of the Stegenwald power plant project, were able to demonstrate that modern power plant construction is not against, but rather in favour of nature. Upon completion, the Salzach river will be more attractive than in its current state of canalisation. Moreover, it is intended that the Salzach be given space to spread again freely. Hence, together with the bypass channel, access to the Salzach will become more attractive.